Din-Chang Tseng

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In this paper, an image accreditation technique by embedding digital watermarks in images is proposed. The proposed method for the digital watermarking is based on the wavelet transform. This is unlike most previous work, which used a random number of a sequence of bits as a watermark and where the watermark can only be detected by comparing an experimental(More)
A gradient image describes the differences of neighboring pixels in the image. Extracting edges only depending on a gradient image will results in noised and broken edges. Here, we propose a two-stage edge extraction approach with contextual-filter edge detector and multiscale edge tracker to solve the problems. The edge detector detects most edges and the(More)
A lossless wavelet-based image compression method with adaptive prediction is proposed. Firstly, we analyze the correlations between wavelet coefficients to identify a proper wavelet basis function, then predictor variables are statistically test to determine which wavelet coefficients should be included in the prediction model. At last, prediction(More)
Robust lane detection is important to the lane departure warning (LDW) for driver assistant system. In this study, lane marks are extracted by searching the lane model parameters in a special defined parameter space without thresholding. The proposed method is based on the lateral inhibition property of human vision system to clear up the edges of lane(More)