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Background. Confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in the UK have repeatedly highlighted increased maternal morbidity and mortality associated with maternal obesity. Objective. To determine the impact of increased body mass index (BMI) on intrapartum outcomes. Materials and Methods. A retrospective case-control analysis of intrapartum outcomes of the(More)
This study seeks to identify areas of poor utilisation of theatre time and estimate the cost of late starts. Retrospective study of elective gynaecological operations from September to November 2008 in a district general hospital was conducted. Primary outcome measures were time to send, time for anaesthesia and procedure time. Secondary outcome measures(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare non-invasive hemodynamic measurements obtained in pregnant and postpartum women using two automated cardiac output monitors against those obtained by two-dimensional (2D) transthoracic echocardiography (TTE). METHODS This was a cross-comparison study into which we recruited 114 healthy women, either with normal singleton pregnancy(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative haemodynamic monitoring is carried out in high-risk surgical patients, often using invasive methods, including pulmonary artery catheterisation. Early goal-directed therapy in high-risk surgical patients reduces tissue hypoxia, organ failure and improves outcomes. Significant maternal morbidity arises as a result of perioperative(More)
Genital prolapse is a common problem in women. Surgical repair is one of the management options. Traditional repair consists of midline plication of endopelvic fascia to reduce the prolapse and create support. A mesh has also been used to augment and repair such defects in the pelvic floor. Data on the efficacy and safety of mesh repair for genital prolapse(More)
The Cross layer based Two-way scheduling Algorithm (CTSA) is proposed for scheduling both Real Time (RT) and Non-Real Time (NRT) services. The advantage of the complimentary characteristics of both RT and NRT services is utilized in CTSA to achieve a significant cell user throughput, a low delay, normalized fairness and a low packet loss ratio. The CTSA is(More)
The proposed algorithm prolongs the scheduler from scheduling the Real Time (RT) and Non Real Time (NRT) services based upon their priority required on Quality of Service (QoS). The proposed Cross QoS Scheduling Algorithm (XQSA) is capable of scheduling data, video and voice services over the same wireless channel. The complimentary advantages of both RT(More)
AIM To identify the independent risk factors for PE development in twin pregnancies and explore the associated perinatal outcomes. METHODS A retrospective cohort study of twin pregnancies was performed at St George's University Hospital, London. Maternal and neonatal data were obtained from the hospital's computerised database. The Chi-square test,(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the importance of cardiovascular dysfunction and advances in the development and use of non-invasive cardiac output (CO) monitoring devices, there is a growing interest in their use in the obstetric population. The aim of this study was to compare two commercially available, non-invasive CO monitors in the assessment of heart rate (HR),(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (HDP) are associated with altered maternal haemodynamics, which can be investigated using non-invasive methodologies. OBJECTIVE To assess maternal haemodynamics using USCOM 1A® in patients presenting with non-medicated, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and normotensive controls. METHODS A prospective,(More)