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The demand for oil is growing steadily from emerging and developing economies while oil field discoveries continue to decline. Therefore the gap between demand and supply will increase with time. Subsurface Exploration deals with extracting valuable hydrocarbons from oil wells. Due to its hazardous nature, it's one of the most difficult fields to carry(More)
Security and Privacy are two important parameters that need to be considered when dealing with Wireless Sensor Networks as WSN operate in an unattended environment and carry sensitive information critical to the application. However, applying security techniques that consume minimum resources is still a challenge and this paper makes an attempt to address(More)
— Semantic web, also known as next generation web, aims to provide context based information and services to the user. Although, ontologies play key role in implementation and exploitation of semantic web, however these fail to handle imprecision and uncertainty involved in user requests. Fuzzy logic provides a means to overcome the mentioned shortcoming(More)
This paper presents the detailed comparison of various evolutionary algorithms developed for query optimization on web servers. It is very much a known fact now that information on the web has been growing exponentially and the need of efficient extraction of information was felt long back. Therefore, researchers have been putting their time and efforts for(More)
— Our previous works have proposed the deployment of mobile agents to assist vertical handover decisions in 4G. Adding a mobile agent in the 4G could lead to many advantages such as reduced consumption of network bandwidth, delay in network latency and reduction in the time taken to complete a particular task. However, this deployment demands that the(More)