Dimosthenis Ioannidis

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This paper proposes an innovative gait identification and authentication method based on the use of novel 2-D and 3-D features. Depth-related data are assigned to the binary image silhouette sequences using two new transforms: the 3-D radial silhouette distribution transform and the 3-D geodesic silhouette distribution transform. Furthermore, the use of a(More)
Human authentication using biometric traits has become an increasingly important issue in a large range of applications. In this paper, a novel channel coding approach for biometric authentication based on distributed source coding principles is proposed. Biometric recognition is formulated as a channel coding problem with noisy side information at the(More)
This paper presents a novel framework for unobtrusive biometric authentication based on the spatiotemporal analysis of human activities. Initially, the subject’s actions that are recorded by a stereoscopic camera, are detected utilizing motion history images. Then, two novel unobtrusive biometric traits are proposed, namely the static anthropometric profile(More)
Early diagnosis is the most reliable solution for an effective treatment of melanoma. There is an ongoing research effort to develop computer aided imaging tools and functional content-based image retrieval systems as diagnostic support to dermatologists. Following this spirit, a Topic Map based management and retrieval system for melanoma images has been(More)
A novel, real-time and robust occupancy extraction system is going to be presented in this paper. The main contribution of the paper is to introduce a novel camera calibration algorithm to a multi-space area. The proposed calibration method is accurate, efficient and free of any error propagation among cameras' calibrations, without usage of overlapping(More)
The present paper presents a novel approach for gait identification using 3D data and Krawtchouk moments to generate the descriptor feature vectors. The gait sequence is captured by a stereoscopic camera and the resulting 2.5D data are processed to generate a 3D hull of the captured silhouette. The 3D Protrusion Transform is then proposed that generates a(More)
The design and implementation of a web-based diagnostic support tool for melanoma dermatological images and related diagnostic data is presented. The proposed system is semantic web-based and is driven by exploiting the combination of AJAX framework and topic map technology. A novel client/server architecture was developed that enables several clients to(More)
This paper proposes a novel activity-related authentication method for ambient intelligence environments, based on Spherical Harmonics Analysis (SHA). The approach is based on the representation of the user's behavioural response with an Activity Surface (AS), while performing a regular office activity. Multi-referenced Spherical Harmonics Analysis has been(More)