Dimokritos Stamatakis

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There has been considerable interest recently in the use of highly-available configuration management services based on the Paxos family of algorithms to address long-standing problems in the management of large-scale heterogeneous distributed systems. These problems include providing distributed locking services, determining group membership, electing a(More)
Despite the fast growth and increased adoption of cloud databases, challenges related to Service-Level-Agreements (SLAs) specification and management still exist. Supporting application-specific performance goals and SLAs, assigning incoming query processing workloads to the reserved resources to avoid SLA violations and monitoring performance factors to(More)
In this paper we describe a novel methodology for performing realtime analysis of localization data streams produced by sensors embedded in ambient intelligence (AmI) environments. The methodology aims to handle different types of real-time events, detect interesting behavior in sequences of such events, and calculate statistical information using a(More)
A large class of modern distributed file systems treat metadata services as an independent system component, separately from data servers. The availability of the metadata service is key to the availability of the overall system. Given the high rates of failures observed in large-scale data centers, distributed file systems usually incorporate(More)
This paper describes our process of building a classifier for ratings data as assigned in spring semester of Machine Learning (CS123A), taught by Pengyu Hong at Brandeis University. The data set can be characterized by a large number of sparsely populated attributes (n=291) corresponding to ratings of 1 through 5 from the online ratings system, Yelp. To(More)
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