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This work is focused on the processes underlying the dynamics of spatially inhomogeneous plankton communities. We demonstrate that reaction-diffusion mathematical models are an appropriate tool for searching and understanding basic mechanisms of complex spatio-temporal plankton dynamics and fractal properties of planktivorous fish school walks.
The clinical efficacy of the formulation Histochrome cannot be explained solely on the basis of its antioxidant properties. With the aim of identifying possible additional mechanisms of action of the medicinal substance (echinochrome A) in Histochrome, its effects on p53 expression were studied in bone marrow cells in SHK mice in a model of chronic stress.(More)
We studied superconducting V layers deposited on an antiferromagnetically coupled [Fe(2)V(11)](20) superlattice. The parallel upper critical magnetic field exhibits an anomalous T dependence up to the ferromagnetic saturation field of the superlattice, indicating that the superconducting transition temperature T(S) decreases when rotating the relative(More)
96 1 It is well known that certain ionic and amyloiddlike peptides [1] are capable of selffassembling in water to form the amyloiddlike fibrils with nanoscaled width; however, these structures might have several hundred nanometers in length. Earlier, it was shown in vitro that spatial network of filaments is formed during the ionic peptide selffassembling.(More)
We describe a method for evaluating the thermodynamic characteristics both of pure liquids and of solutes in solutions using data derived from ultrasonic velocity measurements. The principal possibility of using ultrasound velocity lies in the fact that the velocity of ultrasound is a simple function of the adiabatic compressibility. The problem is(More)
The effects of nine new pregnane steroids containing substituents in the 16α,17α- and/or 3-, 6-, and 19-positions of the steroid framework on the viability of HeLa cervical cancer cells were studied. It was shown that the 6-oximes of 3-keto- and 3-hydroxy-4-dehydrosteroids with a 16α,17α-cyclohexane substituent and 3-keto-4-dehydrosteroids with a(More)
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