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Post‐Zionist orientalism? Orientalist discourse and Islamophobia among the Russian‐speaking intelligentsia in Israel
This article attempts to shed light on a special kind of Orientalist discourse that circulates in Russian‐Israeli literature and press. This discourse feeds on the cultural sources buried in theExpand
Brith Shalom’s uniqueness reconsidered: Hans Kohn and autonomist Zionism
Most studies dealing with Kohn (1891–1971), a central Zionist figure in Prague, emphasize his resistance to the idea of a Jewish nation-state in Palestine and his consequent binationalism asExpand
Leon Pinsker and “Autoemancipation!”: A Reevaluation
Using recently uncovered writings by Leon Pinsker, the proto-Zionist thinker, the current article challenges the generally accepted understanding of Pinsker’s intellectual development as moving “fromExpand
“This Ship Is Zion!”: Travel, Tourism, and Cultural Zionism in Theodor Herzl’s Altneuland
One of the central elements of Herzlian spatial-political thought that has been filtered out of the deterministic historiographical discourse on Herzl-the-visionary-of-the-nation-state is that ofExpand
Czechs, Germans, Arabs, Jews: Franz Kafka's “Jackals and Arabs” between Bohemia and Palestine
Franz Kafka's short story “Schakale und Araber” (Jackals and Arabs) was published in October 1917 in the monthly journal Der Jude, the intellectual organ of German-speaking Zionism founded and editedExpand