Dimitry Rtischev

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A recent trend in automatic speech recognition systems is the use of continuous mixture-density hidden Markov models (HMM’s). Despite the good recognition performance that these systems achieve on average in large vocabulary applications, there is a large variability in performance across speakers. Performance degrades dramatically when the user is(More)
SRI is developing a system that uses real time speech recognition to diag nose, evaluate and provide training in spoken English. The paper first describes the methods and results of a study of the feasibility of automati cally grading the performance of Japanese students when reading English aloud. Utterances recorded from Japanese speakers were(More)
We study the evolution of strategic psychological capabilities in a population of interacting agents. Specifically, we consider agents which are either blind or with mindsight, and either transparent or opaque. An agent with mindsight can observe the psychological makeup of a transparent agent, i.e., its logic, emotions, commitments and other elements that(More)
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