Dimitry Dozortsev

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This study was designed to visualize the second polar body (2PB) chromosomes using its electrofusion with a one-cell-stage mouse embryo to approach preconception diagnosis of chromosomal disorders. Eighty to 90% hybridization efficiency has been achieved by electrofusion of 2PB with mouse zygotes. 2PB chromosomes were visualized in 40–50% of hybrids.(More)
Our objective was to obtain parthenogenetic activation of unfertilized human oocytes by puromycin and to try to use this procedure for cytogenetic purposes. The setting was our IVF laboratory. Eighty-two spare oocytes from 34 IVF patients were used. In the first series of experiments 39 unfertilized oocytes were cultured in medium containing 100, 50, or 10(More)
Our objective was to develop a new reliable method for cytogenetic analysis of the chromosome set in second polar bodies (PBs) from one-cell-stage mouse embryos. The study took place at the Reproductive Biology and Experimental Cytogenetics Laboratories. Oocytes from F1 hybrid and T6/T6 mice were fertilized in vitro and artificially activated with ethanol.(More)
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