Dimitris Stavroulakis

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The kinetics and growth characteristics of the BM-5 insect cell line of Bombyx mori (silkworm) have been experimentally investigated in order to develop optimal growth protocols when these cells are used to produce large quantities of human proteins by recombinant baculoviruses. Experiments were performed in 200-mL spinner flasks, which were operated at 80(More)
Nowadays the concepts “vacations” and “tourism” have become intertwined. Tourism, among others, has eventually become a symbol of social status. Recently, however, alternative forms of tourism including agrotourism have emerged, which have the potential of relieving the congestion of ordinary holiday resorts. Agrotourism constitutes neither a symbol of(More)
The aim of this essay is to investigate the impact of different financial crisis since 1950 till today especially on the labor market of Greece. Specifically the phenomenon of migration to other developed countries is examined in depth with emphasis on the phenomenon of brain drain. Expanding the causes and effects of each crisis, we concentrate on the(More)
[reaction: see text] The ene reaction of singlet oxygen with chiral trisubstituted alkenes bearing an alkyl and a phenyl group at the stereogenic center is erythro diastereoselective in solution and threo diastereoselective if carried out within zeolite Na-Y. The change of the diastereoselection trend by zeolite confinement is attributed to a synergism of(More)
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