Dimitris Papadakis

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In this paper we describe a prototype that supports end to end QoS for applications invoking services over an ATM switch. The required resources are allocated to applications via auctions taking place in two independent markets. We investigate the effects of market independence in the behavior of the system, and report results of experiments with(More)
This paper discusses the requirements of current and emerging large-scale distributed applications and emphasizes the need for a common infrastructure to support them. A design for an infrastructure that aims at satisfying these requirements is presented. Moreover, it is shown how key aspects of important large-scale applications can exploit the services(More)
Workflow management systems are developed to support and automate the execution of business processes, by assigning tasks to agents according to the workflow specification. Current state-of-the-art workflow systems are mainly concerned with the routing and assignment of tasks, providing little support for tasks related to administration and management. This(More)
This paper presents the Aurora architecture for network-centric applications, complementing the CORBA and WWW=Java frameworks with support for composition of services. The architecture addresses the requirements of dynamic open environments with multiple autonomous service providers. The paper presents a detailed technical design of the run-time(More)
This paper addresses the issue of integrating several technologies for realising electronic commerce solutions that go beyond the current state-of-the-art. Integration enables synthesis of services offered by multiple diverse autonomous service providers. This is achieved in the framework provided by the Aurora architecture for network-centric applications.(More)
Container technology enables the encapsulation of information content together with rules and controls specifying the types of content usage permitted and the consequences of usage, such as triggering of report generation and payment. Containers have been proposed as a mechanism for securing intellectual property rights. This paper outlines other possible(More)
This paper motivates the development of an open infrastructure to support electronic commerce for the tourism industry. Such an infrastructure is the objective of the OnTour project, involving representatives of all participants in the tourist service supply chain. In this paper we discuss unique aspects of service provisioning in the tourism industry, and(More)
This paper presents the HERMES specification language , which is introduced to express scripts for complex activities involving coordination and collaboration. The language is part of a framework for network-centric applications , providing a two-level framework for expressing metadata. Service flow rules define communication channels between software(More)
In this paper we present results of experiments that were performed to quantify the effects of retries in an asynchronous resource allocation protocol that is employed for end-to-end service provision. A major finding from our experiments is that an application class may be penalized by experiencing delays in accessing a shared resource as a result of(More)