Dimitris Kouremenos

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This paper presents an expert system for evaluation of the unemployed at certain offered posts. The expert application uses Neuro-Fuzzy techniques for analyzing a corporate database of unemployed and enterprises profile data. The process of matching an unemployed with an offered job is performed through a Sugeno type Neuro-Fuzzy inference system. Large(More)
This paper presents a learning system (LS) which offers Greek Sign Language videos in correspondence to every text in the learning environment. The system is designed notably for deaf adults for the purpose of their lifelong vocational and educational training. In the LS, the special needs of Deaf learners are satisfied, e.g. bilingual information (text and(More)
In this paper we present the creation of a distance and life-long training Environment for the deaf people in the e-commerce and new technologies sector via e-learning tools. The resources will feed the development of a multi-language platform within Leonardo framework (DELFE project) for supporting elearning in Greek Sign Language (GSL). The basic(More)
In this paper we present the “DEDALOS” [1] project which main object is the promotion of the English Language as a second language for the Deaf people. For this, we have designed and use pedagogic methodology of distant Linguistic Training and as well as innovative instructive material suitably adapted to the special team. The whole process has designed and(More)
The teaching of the English language as a second language to deaf and hearing impaired individuals, whose mother language is the sign language, through the prism of the project ‘Dedalos’, is the main topic of this article. More particularly, a special e-learning platform was developed, which incorporated special pedagogic methods of distant linguistic(More)
This paper reports on research and development work for the implementation of a Greek to Greek Sign Language (GSL) conversion tool, integrated into an educational platform that addresses needs of teaching GSL grammar, exploiting avatar technologies for the representation of linguistic message articulated in the 3D space. The Greek to GSL conversion engine(More)
Today all around the world are taking place efforts for the preservation of antique documents and valuable manuscripts, which constitute a part of our vast artistic and cultural heritage. Could such an effort contribute to the preservation of manuscripts and simultaneously be used for educational purposes? That is the goal of the e-learning system that is(More)
The presented project aims at the examination of the relation of the deaf and hard of hearing people with the new technologies in Greece. The research was conducted through the construction and delivery of an online questionnaire to the members of two deaf organisations in Athens and refers to the motives, for the use of the internet services by deaf(More)