Dimitris Kiritsis

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With the advent of the information and related emerging technologies, such as RFID, small size sensors and sensor networks or, more generally, product embedded information devices (PEID), a new generation of products called smart or intelligent products is available in the market. Although various definitions of intelligent products have been proposed, we(More)
PROMISE will develop appropriate technology, including product lifecycle models, product embedded information devices with associated firmware and software components and tools for decision making based on data gathered through a product lifecycle. This is done to enable and exploit the seamless flow, tracing and updating of information about a product,(More)
Conventional programming of numerical controlled machine tools is generally based on G-Codes (ISO 6983). This sequential programming language does contain simple commands for single movement and switching operations but cannot support more complex geometries or logical structures. Therefore it does no longer satisfy the requirements of modern NC technology.(More)
The current competitive industrial context requires more flexible, intelligent and compact product lifecycles, especially in the product development process where several lifecycle issues have to be considered, so as to deliver lifecycle oriented products. This paper describes the application of a novel product relationships management approach, in the(More)