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Paired count data usually arise in medicine when before and after treatment measurements are considered. In the present paper we assume that the correlated paired count data follow a bivariate Poisson distribution in order to derive the distribution of their difference. The derived distribution is shown to be the same as the one derived for the difference(More)
The EM algorithm is the standard tool for maximum likelihood estimation in )nite mixture models. The main drawbacks of the EM algorithm are its slow convergence and the dependence of the solution on both the stopping criterion and the initial values used. The problems referring to slow convergence and the choice of a stopping criterion have been dealt with(More)
In previous research, significant effects of weather conditions on car crashes have been found. However, most studies use monthly or yearly data and only few studies are available analyzing the impact of weather conditions on daily car crash counts. Furthermore, the studies that are available on a daily level do not explicitly model the data in a(More)
Copulas are used to model multivariate data as they account for the dependence structure and provide a flexible representation of the multivariate distribution. A great number of copulas has been proposed with various dependence aspects. One important issue is the choice of an appropriate copula from a large set of candidate families to model the data at(More)
Applications of copulas for multivariate continuous data abound but there are only a few that treat multivariate binary data. In the present paper, we model multivariate binary data based on copulas using mixtures of max-infinitely divisible copulas, introduced by Joe and Hu (J. Multivar. Anal. 1996; 57(2): 240-265). When applying copulas to binary data the(More)
The importance of the Poisson distribution among the discrete distributions has led to the development of several hypothesis tests, for testing whether data come from a Poisson distribution against a variety of alternative distributions. An extended simulation comparison is presented concerning the power of such tests. To overcome biases caused by the use(More)