Dimitris Kamenopoulos

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This paper focuses on transforming sequential perfectly nested loops into their equivalent parallel form. A special category of FOR nested loops is the uniform dependence loops (UDLs), which yield efficient parallelization techniques. An automatic code generation tool for shared and distributed memory machines, has been developed in order to automatically(More)
This paper describes CRONUS, a platform for parallelizing general nested loops. General nested loops contain complex loop bodies (assignments, conditionals, repetitions) and exhibit uniform loop-carried dependencies. The novelty of CRONUS is twofold: (1) it determines the optimal scheduling hyperplane using the QuickHull algorithm, which is more efficient(More)
Volunteer computing is a relatively new computing paradigm that is often the only solution to large computational tasks. Due to the dynamic structure of the peer-to-peer systems that usually form the backbone of volunteer computing, obtaining accurate distance metrics using traditional techniques is infeasible. Thus, techniques that could improve system(More)
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