Dimitris Kallergis

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Within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, there is a need to interconnect networks of sensors and smart objects in a way that they can intelligently interact with humans. In most cases, these networks have been implemented following the machine-to-machine (M2M) communication disciplines. To adequately design such an emerging system which also has(More)
In this paper we overview the existing technologies and services that could be used to offer an infrastructure of a specific distributed file system for e-learning platforms. We provide an analysis of the design considerations that are relevant for such services. Moreover, in the following report we provide a description of the environment that will be used(More)
The concept of Cloud Engineering (CE) as a superset of performance engineering emerges in an extensive number of industrial architectural approaches and implementation flavours. To effectively manage cloud-based systems, it is crucial to monitor, to meter and then to allocate their structural behaviour and performance. In the context of this work,(More)
This paper presents a process for modelling and visualizing Earth and groundwater in Greece using a highly customised open-source part of a 3D engine. Intelligent computational geometry methods are being used to fabricate the visualization in the three-dimensional space. Each step of the process is acknowledged as a subsystem and is illustrated and(More)
Recent advancements in the field of smart machineto-machine (M2M) communications impose the necessity to improve the service delivery by enforcing appropriate security rules. Due to the large number of the connected devices, the criticality of the M2M applications, and the network stability weaknesses, we need to consider and analyze the security aspects(More)
Our entire society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and specifically on software. The integration of e-learning software systems into our day by day life especially in e-learning applications generates modifications upon the society and, at the same time, the society itself changes the process of software development. This circle of(More)
In this paper a new Web-based File Hosting Service with Object Oriented Logic in Cloud Computing called Pirus was developed. The service will be used by the academic community of the University of Piraeus giving users the ability to remotely store and access their personal files with no security compromises. It also offers the administrators the ability to(More)
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