Dimitris I Kondarides

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Mechanistic aspects of ethanol steam reforming on Pt, Ni, and PtNi catalysts supported on gamma-Al(2)O(3) are investigated from the analysis of adsorbed species and gas phase products formed on catalysts during temperature-programmed desorption of ethanol and during ethanol steam reforming reaction. DRIFTS-MS analyses of ethanol decomposition and ethanol(More)
The adsorption of a model textile azo-dye, Acid Orange 7 (AO7), on the surface of titanium dioxide was extensively investigated in aqueous TiO(2) suspensions over wide ranges of AO7 concentrations (1 x 10(-4)-3 x 10(-3) M) and pH values (2-10). Results obtained with the use of a variety of techniques, including potentiometric titrations, adsorption(More)
Ethyl paraben (EP), an emerging micro-pollutant representative of the parabens family, has been subject to photocatalytic degradation under simulated solar radiation at a photon flux of 1.3·10(-4) E/(m(2) s). Six nitrogen-doped titania catalysts synthesized by annealing a sol-gel derived TiO2 powder under ammonia flow and their un-doped counterparts,(More)
In this work, the solar light-induced photocatalytic degradation of ethyl paraben (EP), a representative of the parabens family, was studied using silver orthophosphate, a relatively new photocatalytic material. The catalyst was synthesized by a precipitation method and had a primary crystallite size of ca 70nm, specific surface area of 1.4m(2)/g and a(More)
Photocatalytic degradation of waste material in aqueous solutions and simultaneous production of hydrogen was studied with the double purpose of environmental remediation and renewable energy production. Both powdered and immobilized Pt/CdS/TiO(2) photocatalysts were used to oxidize model inorganic (S(2-)/SO(3)(2-)) and organic (ethanol) sacrificial(More)
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