Dimitris Glotsos

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A computer-aided diagnosis system was developed for assisting brain astrocytomas malignancy grading. Microscopy images from 140 astrocytic biopsies were digitized and cell nuclei were automatically segmented using a Probabilistic Neural Network pixel-based clustering algorithm. A decision tree classification scheme was constructed to discriminate low,(More)
MOTIVATION One of the major factors that complicate the task of microarray image analysis is that microarray images are distorted by various types of noise. In this study a robust framework is proposed, designed to take into account the effect of noise in microarray images in order to assist the demanding task of microarray image analysis. The proposed(More)
A multi-classifier diagnostic system was designed for distinguishing between benign and malignant thyroid nodules from routinely taken (FNA, H&E-stained) cytological images. To construct the multi-classifier system, several combination rules and different mixtures of ensemble classifier members, employing morphological and textural nuclear features, were(More)
A wavelet-based modification of the Markov random field (WMRF) model is proposed for segmenting complementary DNA (cDNA) microarray images. For evaluation purposes, five simulated and a set of five real microarray images were used. The one-level stationary wavelet transform (SWT) of each microarray image was used to form two images, a denoised image, using(More)
The objective of this paper was to investigate the segmentation ability of the fuzzy Gaussian mixture model (FGMM) clustering algorithm, applied on complementary DNA (cDNA) images. Following a standard established procedure, a simulated microarray image of 1600 cells, each containing one spot, was produced. For further evaluation of the algorithm, three(More)
In this study, a pattern recognition system is presented for improving the classification accuracy of MS-spectra by means of gathering information from different MS-spectra intensity regions using a majority vote ensemble combination. The method starts by automatically breaking down all MS-spectra into common intensity regions. Subsequently, the most(More)
In this paper, the challenging problem of robust mean-signal estimation of a single-step microparticle bioaffinity assay is investigated. For this purpose, a density estimation-based robust algorithm (DER) was developed. The DER algorithm was comparatively evaluated with four other parameter estimation methods (mean value, median filtering, least square(More)
PURPOSE To improve the computer-aided diagnosis of breast lesions, by designing a pattern recognition system (PR-system) on commercial graphics processing unit (GPU) cards using parallel programming and textural information from multimodality imaging. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients with histologically verified breast lesions underwent both ultrasound (US)(More)
In the present study a new strategy is introduced for designing and developing of an efficient dynamic Decision Support System (DSS) for supporting rare cancers decision making. The proposed DSS operates on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and it is capable of adjusting its design in real time based on user-defined clinical questions in contrast to standard(More)