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Errata are denoted with a * and my notes and comments are denoted with a •. This list was a joint effort of me and the students who were enrolled in my course, Statistical Signal Processing, during winter term of 2003 at Portland State University. Chapter 2 * Page 39: The second to last sentence is phrased badly. It should end with ". .. by an impulse train(More)
Speaker recognition is the process of recognizing the speaker based on characteristics such as pitch ,tone in the speech wave. Background noise influences the overall efficiency of speaker recognition system and is still considered as one of the most challenging issue in Speaker Recognition System (SRS). In this paper mel-frequency cepstral coefficients(More)
The everyday broadening field of signal processing has digital filters to play a major role. Linear phase FIR filters are used in vast number of applications due to their nature of phase linearity as well as frequency stability. The traditional non-optimization methods available for filter design suffer from the problem of need for analog to digital(More)