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"Fomitiporia mediterranea" Infecting Citrus Trees in Greece
In recent years a serious disease of citrus (the orange cv. Washington navel, lemon and the common mandarin grafted on sour orange rootstocks) has been observed in southern Greek orchards. AffectedExpand
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The family Hymenochaetaceae (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) in the islands of the Aegean Archipelago (Greece)
In the frame of studying the diversity of wood-rotting macrofungi in Aegean islands, a notable Mediterranean biodiversity “hotspot”, the following hymenochaetoid species are reported for the firstExpand
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Mycelial fatty acid composition of Pleurotus spp. and its application in the intrageneric differentiation
The mycelial fatty acid profiles of several Pleurotus strains and their application in intrageneric differentiation were investigated. In the lipids produced by strains of Pleurotus abalonus, P.Expand
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Taxonomic relationships among non-macrocystidiate taxa of Lactarius subg. Russularia from Europe with special reference to species from Greece
Members of the ectomycorrhizal genus Lactarius form symbiotic relationships with a wide range of plant species. For the purposes of this study, 29 specimens originally assigned to L. atlanticus, L.Expand
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Application of life cycle assessment and exergy analysis in a combined cycle power plant using natural gas at Lavrion, Greece
Natural gas (NG) has been penetrating the Greek energy market in the last few years. The first electricity production plant using NG in Greece was built in the city of Lavrion, South of Athens. ThisExpand
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Heterobasidiomycetous fungi from Aegean Islands (Greece): New annotated records for a neglected group
Abstract As part of an inventory of macrofungi in selected islands of the Aegean Archipelago (Greece), 18 species of heterobasidiomycetes (phylum Basidiomycota) belonging to the ordersExpand
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User-centered Implementation of Rehabilitation Exercising on an Assistive Robotic Platform
The paper focuses on the method and steps implementing a suite of rehabilitation exercises on an assistive robotic platform based on extensive user needs identification procedures and consultation with medical and rehabilitation experts. Expand
Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: 5. Basidiomycetes associated with woods dominated by Castanea sativa (Nafpactia Mts., central Greece)
Very scarce literature data are available on the macrofungi associated with sweet chestnut trees (Castanea sativa, Fagaceae). We report here the results of an inventory of basidiomycetes, which wasExpand
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