Dimitris Christodoulakis

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Driven by the philosophy of the ‘primacy of structure over data’, Component-Based Open Hypermedia Systems (CB-OHS) present an open set of structure servers providing structural abstractions of different hypermedia domains. To address the emergent requirements and to facilitate the development of structure servers, structure should be handled as a first(More)
BalkaNet aims at building a multilingual lexical database consisting of WordNets in several Central and Eastern European languages. Even though it will be built in a similar way with EuroWordNet, new features will be implemented ranging from structuring the Inter-LingualIndex to ensure linking of conceptual equivalencies across WordNets to the development(More)
This paper presents the results derived from our survey on metrics used in object– oriented environments. Our survey includes a small set of the most well known and commonly applied traditional software metrics which could be applied to object– oriented programming and a set of object–oriented metrics (i.e. those designed specifically for object–oriented(More)
This paper, which summarises work on measuring users’ opinions of the quality of software products carried out the last four years, presents the experience gained from measuring users’ perception of software quality. Although this paper briefly presents the survey method and the techniques used to ensure the quality of the responses, it mainly emphasises(More)
This paper presents a decision-tree approach to the problems of part-ofspeech disambiguation and unknown word guessing as they appear in Modem Greek, a highly inflectional language. The learning procedure is tag-set independent and reflects the linguistic reasoning on the specific problems. The decision trees induced are combined with a highcoverage lexicon(More)
Names play a key role in distributed hypertext systems, for two main reasons: Firstly, because accessing and managing system services require finding and locating the relevant components. Secondly, because managing structures between hypertext resources, such as nodes, anchors and links, requires that these resources are named and addressed. We argue that(More)
This paper presents a methodology for estimating users’ opinion of the quality of a software product. Users’ opinion changes with time as they progressively become more acquainted with the software product. In this paper, we study the dynamics of users’ opinion and offer a method for assessing users’ final perception, based on measurements in the early(More)
This paper presents a secure watermarking method, which provides robustness against a set of attacks. The watermark is embedded into the blue channel of the images in specific locations that guarantee the minimization of the number of bits modified, based on bit similarities that exist between the signature and the cover data. Visual quality measurements(More)