Dimitris Avramidis

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Driven by the philosophy of the 'primacy of structure over data', Component-Based Open Hypermedia Systems (CB-OHS) present an open set of structure servers providing structural abstractions of different hypermedia domains. To address the emergent requirements and to facilitate the development of structure servers, structure should be handled as a first(More)
We present ByzantineCAD, a feature-based paramet-ric CAD system for designing pierced Byzantine jewellery. ByzantineCAD is an automated system where jewellery is designed according to the values of parameters and constraints that are determined by the end-user. In this paper , we introduce an approach to reproducing traditional pierced Byzantine jewellery(More)
The analogy of a semantic network to hypertext has long been recognized, and semantic networks have been considered as a logical model of hypertext – especially for those hypertexts with typed nodes and links. Moreover, wordnets form the most representative type of semantic networks in the field of Natural Language Processing and semantics in particular. It(More)
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