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Despite current advancements in online provision of eGovernment services, interoperability issues at national and crosscountry level that will facilitate fully integrated, both vertically and horizontally, one-stop, electronic services still remain unsolved. In this context, eGovernment Interoperability Frameworks try to continually extend their scope and(More)
Recent EU and Greek Government legislation highlights the need for the modernisation of the public health management system and the improvement of the overall health of EU citizens. In addition, the effusion of epidemics even in developed countries makes the need for the enhancement of public health services imperative. In order to best confront the(More)
Purpose 1 This foresight exercise was conducted as part of the CROSSROAD Project – A Participative Roadmap for ICT Research on Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling, a FP7 Support Action that aimed to provide strategic direction, define a shared vision, and inspire collaborative, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder research in the domain. This(More)