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In this paper, we present a nonlinear interpolation scheme for still image resolution enhancement. The algorithm is based on a source model emphasizing the visual integrity of detected edges and incorporates a novel edge fitting operator that has been developed for this application. A small neighborhood about each pixel in the low-resolution image is first(More)
Packet switching of variable-bit-rate real-time video sources is a means for efficient sharing of communication resources while maintaining uniform picture quality. Performance analysis for the statistical multiplexing of such video sources is required as a first step towards assessing the feasibility of packet video. This paper extends our earlier work in(More)
BACKGROUND Genes of advanced organisms undergo alternative splicing, which can be mutually exclusive, in the sense that only one exon is included in the mature mRNA out of a cluster of alternative choices, often arranged in a tandem array. In many cases, however, the details of the underlying biologic mechanisms are unknown. RESULTS We describe 'variable(More)
Diseases such as cancer are often related to collaborative effects involving interactions of multiple genes within complex pathways, or to combinations of multiple SNPs. To understand the structure of such mechanisms, it is helpful to analyze genes in terms of the purely cooperative, as opposed to independent, nature of their contributions towards a(More)
We analyze diierent retransmission schemes for Error Control in multicast protocols geared towards real-time, multimedia applications. We discuss why retransmission schemes are not inappropriate for such applications, but in fact can be quite eeective. We present a quantitative analysis of such schemes, as well as simulation results, taking into account(More)
This paper describes the technique designated best performer in the 2nd conference on Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods (DREAM2) Challenge 5 (unsigned genome-scale network prediction from blinded microarray data). Existing algorithms use the pairwise correlations of the expression levels of genes, which provide valuable but(More)
| We describe a distributed architecture for managing multicast addresses in the global Internet. A multi-cast address space partitioning scheme is proposed, based on the unicast host address and a per-host address management entity. By noting that port numbers are an integral part of end-to-end multicast addressing we present a single, uniied solution to(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of microarray data has been used for the inference of gene-gene interactions. If, however, the aim is the discovery of disease-related biological mechanisms, then the criterion for defining such interactions must be specifically linked to disease. RESULTS Here we present a computational methodology that jointly analyzes two sets of(More)