Dimitris A. Saravanos

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Guided Lamb waves can be excited in composite materials through piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS) to detect damage. PWAS are small, light-weight, inexpensive, and can be attached or embedded in composite structures. The proposed paper will present a parallel effort on two analytical approaches for predicting Lamb wave propagation in composite(More)
A multi-objective optimal design methodology is developed for lightweight, low-cost composite structures of improved dynamic performance. The design objectives include minimization of resonance amplitudes (or maximization of modal damping), weight, and material cost. The design vector includes micromechanics, laminate, and structural shape parameters.(More)
NASA technology originally developed for designing aircraft turbine-engine blades has been adapted and applied to orthopedic knee implants. This article describes a method for tailoring an implant for optimal interaction with the environment of the tibia. The implant components are designed to control stresses in the bone for minimizing bone degradation(More)
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