Dimitris A Kyriakidis

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A new series of coordination compounds of the starting materials [Cu(dienX(2)Y(2))] and their adducts [Cu(dienXXY(2))(2a-5mt)] (where dien=diethylenetriamine, dienXX=Schiff bases of(More)
Two new organotin(IV) complexes with dianionic dipeptides containing the alpha-aminoisobutyryl residue (Aib) as ligands are described. The solid complexes [(n-Bu)(2)Sn(H(-1)L(A))] x 2MeOH (1 x 2MeOH)(More)
Two novel mononuclear Cu(II) coordination compounds of the type [Cu(dptaS)Cl(2)] and [Cu(dptaS)Br(2)] (dptaS=1,3-propanediamine, N(1)-[3-aminopropyl]-N(3)-[2-thienylmethylidene] or Schiff mono-base(More)