Dimitrios Tomtsis

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An inexpensive and sensitive technique for fibre-optic sensor applications is presented in this paper. It is based on analysing the modal power distribution in multimode optical fibres, where light propagates in a set modal pattern defined by the boundary conditions of the waveguide. A theoretical approach to predicting the intensity distribution at the(More)
This paper proposes a new system architecture and HTTP communication mechanism called Smart Barrel System (Wine-SBS) for the process of monitoring Debina varietal sparkling wine fermenting conditions, produced at the area of Zitsa Epirus, Greece. The system includes microcontroller equipment with sensors that monitor wine attributes and storage conditions,(More)
This paper proposes a new methodology to perform personnel evaluation called Personnel Evaluation methodology. This methodology is based on a focused pair wise AHP process assisted by a proposed Performance Evaluation Superpositioning algorithm (PES-algo). That is, a modification of superpositioning algorithm clustering process (S-algo) [7, 8, 2]. Such(More)
An integrated experimental approach is presented for processing the optical information produced from axis-symmetric electric arc plasma. The method is based on digital image processing and chromatic modulation techniques. Chromaticity changes in a number of chromatic parameters are related to changes in physical electric arc characteristics and properties(More)
A technique for interpreting acoustic signals is presented based on an extension of the chromatic analysis used successfully in the optical domain. To illustrate the potential of this interpretation technique it was applied to monitoring power switchgear because of the inherent complexity of the various phenomena involved and their interaction with each(More)
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