Dimitrios Tomaras

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Crowdsourcing has emerged as an attractive paradigm in recent years for information collection for disaster response, which utilizes data received from the human crowd, to provide critical information collection and dissemination during emergency situations and visualize this data to generate emergency maps for the human crowd. In this paper we investigate(More)
Bike-sharing systems have been deployed in many major cities around the world today. Bike sharing systems provide great advantages as a mean of urban public transportation facilitating a green solution for daily commuters and tourists. Users tend to use more often this type of transportation for their daily needs. The key to success for such systems is the(More)
Travel time estimation is a strategically important service in urban environments for personalized and eco-friendly route planning optimization, congestion avoidance, ridesharing and taxi dispatching. However, storing and retrieving traffic data in specific spatiotemporal regions is not an easy task as the data generated by these systems are typically very(More)
Recommending nearby Points of Interest (POI) has received growing interest in mobile location-based networks today, where users share content embedded with location information. In this work, we propose a novel caching framework to support personalised proactive caching for mobile location-based social networks. We propose "LOCAI", which uses a(More)
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