Dimitrios Tektonidis

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Mobile devices are becoming more powerful and are able to support applications of significant size and high processing efforts. However, most of the applications require mobile internet connections to use information and services of background infrastructures. Especially business applications for mobile devices consisting of a dashboard that provides the(More)
Public authorities and national healthcare service providers across the European Union and beyond are increasingly under pressure to deliver better services with diminishing resources. Users, quite rightly, demand a high standard of service and increasingly also convenience focused on the needs of the users rather than how the services are organised to(More)
Integrating enterprise system has become an issue of sharing information rather than transforming information due to the increasing complexity and the heterogeneity of the applications. The transition from application centric to integration centric enterprise application integration (EAI) requires methods and technologies that will enable and facilitate the(More)
The concept of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to flexibly address business needs with the use of Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being recognized as important for a company’s agility and responsiveness to change. A SOA approach can also help to design more agile web portals, in order to enable companies to increase their responsiveness(More)
The paper presents results from NOPIK, a current IST project, which is in its final stages. A number of tools to support team-based problem solving activities have been developed and evaluated with the project users and with overall positive results. The toolset also sports a distributed architecture where separate installations and their content can be(More)