Dimitrios Stasinopoulos

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A plethora of terms that have been used to describe lateral epicondylitis including tennis elbow (TE), epicondylalgia, tendonitis, tendinosis and tendinopathy. These terms usually have the prefix extensor or lateral elbow. Lateral elbow tendinopathy seems to be the most appropriate term to use in clinical practice because other terms make reference to(More)
c We simulate the future scenario of crude oil export and production using ACEGES. c The simulated results are analyzed using the GAMLSS framework. c The peak points of oil export and production will come early in this century. c The OPCE Middle East will produce most of the world crude oil in the near future. c These countries will continuously be the key(More)
Chronic patellar tendinopathy is a common clinical condition that is managed by physical therapists and is common among athletes and non-athletes alike. Patellar tendinopathy is characterized by the absence of inflam-matory cells and prostaglandins and an increased presence of fibroblasts and disorganized collagen (1). Therefore , this condition is not(More)
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