Dimitrios Sikeridis

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The increasing demand for smarter yet more efficient indoor spaces necessitates moving towards advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things architectures, to allow further integration to our physical world. In this work, we introduce a Bluetooth Low Energy-based infrastructure for location-aware buildings, along with a full-scale real-subject trial.(More)
Improper sitting posture can lead to a number of serious health disorders connected to the musculoskeletal system. Especially nowadays sitting periods at work or at home are increasing, and therefore consistent stance monitoring can help users improve their sitting habits and avoid related complications. In this work, we present SPoMo a real-time,(More)
An increasing number of technology enterprises are adopting cloud-native architectures to offer their web-based products, by moving away from privately-owned data-centers and relying exclusively on cloud service providers. As a result, the cloud vendor industry members have lately increased, along with the estimated annual revenue they share. However, in(More)
The need of smarter and more interaction-friendly indoor spaces compels the combination of Internet of Things architectures with Cloud Computing approaches to produce efficient and realizable infrastructure deployments. In this work, we discuss a Cloud-assisted infrastructure model for monitoring user motion in smart buildings with reference to a(More)
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