Dimitrios Sakellariou

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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can probe the local structure and dynamic properties of liquids and solids, making it one of the most powerful and versatile analytical methods available today. However, its intrinsically low sensitivity precludes NMR analysis of very small samples-as frequently used when studying isotopically labelled biological molecules(More)
Vegoritis is a large, deep, mesotrophic, karstic lake in NW Greece, located in Ptolemais basin. Dramatic lowering of the lake’s level has occurred during the last half century due to human pressures. The Ptolemais Basin and the lake itself are subjected to serious human pressures. Pollutants are carried into the lake through both, the atmosphere and surface(More)
Shimming systems are required to provide sufficient field homogeneity for high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In certain specialized applications, such as rotating-field NMR and mobile ex situ NMR, permanent magnet-based shimming systems can provide considerable advantages. We present a simple two-dimensional shimming method based on harmonic(More)
The existence of barrier beaches is crucial, as they act as a buffer zone to the associated wetlands, whilst they are sensitive to climate change. The present study offers an insight into the processes controlling the formation and evolution of the Gyra barrier beach (NW coast of the island of Lefkada) in the microtidal, tectonically very active Ionian Sea(More)
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments are typically performed with samples immersed in a magnet shimmed to high homogeneity. However, there are many circumstances in which it is impractical or undesirable to insert objects or subjects into the bore of a high-field magnet. Here we present a methodology based on an adaptation of nutation echoes that(More)
In this paper we describe the use of heteronuclear scalar couplings in solid-state NMR in order to generate multiple-quantum filtering (MQF) pulse sequences. These sequences can be used to edit CP/MAS spectra according to carbon multiplicity. Analytic expressions for the intensity of the MQF signals are obtained using the standard product operator(More)
We present a new solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance experiment that yields, under CRAMPS decoupling conditions, a significant reduction in proton line widths for powdered organic solids. This experiment which relies on a constant-time acquisition of the proton transverse magnetization, removes the contribution of nonrefocusable broadening from the(More)
We present a thorough analysis of eddy currents that develop in a rectangular cross section toroid rotating in a uniform magnetic field. The slow rotation regime is assumed. Compact expressions for the current density, the total dissipated power, and the braking torque are given. Examination of the topology of current lines reveals that depending upon the(More)
For the structural determination of a ligand bound to an amorphous macromolecular system, solid-state NMR can be used to provide interatomic distances. It is shown here that selective labeling in discrete locations with tritium enables accurate measurement of long-range distances owing to the high gyromagnetic ratio of this nucleus, without structural(More)