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Anxiety disorders are considered the most prevalent of mental disorders. Nevertheless, the exact reasons that provoke them to patients remain yet not clearly specified, while the literature concerning the environment for monitoring and treatment support is rather scarce warranting further investigation. Toward this direction, in this study a context-aware(More)
In this paper the complicated task of educational software evaluation is revisited and examined from a different point of view. By the means of Educational Data Mining (EDM) techniques, in the present study 177 of the most common evaluation standards that have been proposed by various researchers are examined and evaluated with regards to the degree they(More)
Obtaining an accurate sequence alignment is fundamental for consistently analyzing biological data. Although this problem may be efficiently solved when only two sequences are considered, the exact inference of the optimal alignment easily gets computationally intractable for the multiple sequence alignment case. To cope with the high computational(More)
A large Greek-English Dictionary with 81,515 entries, 192,592 translations into English and 50,106 usage examples with their translation has been developed in combined printed and electronic (DVD) form. The electronic dictionary features unique facilities for searching the entire or any part of the Greek and English section, and has incorporated a series of(More)