Dimitrios Michail

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The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) has been established in Greece as a research institute offering, among others, operational services for disaster management of forest wildfires. In this paper the main activities of NOA related to fire monitoring and the Burn Scar Mapping damage assessment services are presented. The current capacities in delivering(More)
Many practical situations give rise to large-scale matching problems involving sets of participants – for example pupils and schools, school-leavers and universities, applicants and positions – where some or all of the participants express preferences over the others. A large class of matching problems that involve preferences is the class of stable(More)
0274-6638/16©2016IEEE 23 Big Earth-observation (EO) data that are made freely available by space agencies come from various archives. Therefore, users trying to develop an application need to search within these archives, discover the needed data, and integrate them into their application. In this article, we argue that if EO data are published using the(More)
Major technology progress and evolution of human living standards have led to wide development of mobile telecommunications. Nowadays, classic mobile phones tend to be replaced by more complex devices that show similar abilities to personal computers (PCs), known as smartphones. Rapid spreading of smartphone technology, as well as significant resemblance to(More)
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