Dimitrios Mathioudakis

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AIMS We sought to investigate the additional value of real-time three-dimensional transoesophageal echocardiography (RT 3D TOE)-guided sizing for predicting annuloplasty ring size during mitral valve repair. METHODS AND RESULTS In 53 patients undergoing elective mitral valve repair, an RT 3D TOE was performed pre- and post-operatively. The digitally(More)
For the first time the immunonutritional role of pyruvate on neutrophils (PMN), free α-keto and amino acid profiles, important reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced [superoxide anion (O2 −), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)] as well as released myeloperoxidase (MPO) acitivity has been investigated. Exogenous pyruvate significantly increased PMN pyruvate,(More)
In this paper, we develop and evaluate a hybrid classification method based on a combination of Artificial Immune Systems and Genetic Algorithms. Specifically, the new algorithm, called Genetic-AIRS, is a combination of the Artificial Immune Resource System (AIRS) algorithm with well-known evolutionary computation techniques. As a result, Genetic-AIRS is(More)
High current findings indicate that a substitution with pyruvate can lead to significant alterations or even improvement in neutrophil immunonutrition. However, it is still unknown which intracellular pathways might be involved here. Hence, in this study, we investigated whether preincubation with an inhibitor of •NO-synthase (L-NAME), an •NO donor (SNAP),(More)
UNLABELLED We report a case in which implantation of a rigid tricuspid annuloplasty ring resulted in an aorto-atrial fistula. In addition the patient had a series of complications which had occurred in the perioperative management of the initial operation, characterized by reoperation for mitral and tricuspidal ring dehiscence, and two reopenings for(More)
This paper presents the inception and the basic concepts of a hybrid classification algorithm called Genetic-AIRS [1]. Genetic-AIRS, is a combination of the Artificial Immune Resource System (AIRS) algorithm witch uses evolutionary computation techniques. An analysis is presented to determine the final algorithm architecture and parameters. The paper also(More)
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