Dimitrios L. Kalpaxis

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Heavy metals are commonly associated with the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which may cause oxidative damage to several cellular macromolecules and organelles. In an attempt to(More)
Certain metals, like Hg, Cu and Cd, are capable of down-regulating protein synthesis in several marine organisms, including Mytilus galloprovincialis. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the(More)
The effects of spermine on peptidyltransferase inhibition by an aminohexosylcytosine nucleoside, blasticidin S, and by a macrolide, spiramycin, were investigated in a model system derived from(More)
The effect of two photoreactive analogues of spermine, N(1)-azidobenzamidino- (ABA-) spermine and N(1)-azidonitrobenzoyl- (ANB-) spermine, on ribosomal functions was studied in a cell-free system(More)