Dimitrios Koutsicos

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In 9 patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis for 2-10 years and suffering from encephalopathy (dialysis dementia) and peripheral neuropathy, 10 mg of biotin was given daily in three doses for 1-4 years. Within 3 months there was a marked improvement in all patients in respect to disorientation, speech disorders, memory failure, myoclonic jerks, flapping(More)
We studied the feasibility of treating refractory anemia and post-transfusional serious hemochromatosis in a patient undergoing hemodialysis (3x4 h weekly) for fourteen years, with recombinant human erythropoietin (r-HuEPO) associated with blood-letting. Blood transfusion previously received by the patient at a rate of two units of packed red cells every(More)
Formate is thetoxicagentresponsible for the development of metabolic acidosis and blindness after methanol intoxication (1-4). Also, formaldehyde ingestion rapidly leads to metabolic acidosis and formic acidemia (5). Therefore, a simple, specific analytical procedure for formate is needed by laboratories and hospitals that are responsible for the assessment(More)
In 92 uremic patients under chronic hemodialysis without ascorbic acid supplementation, serum ascorbic acid was measured before hemodialysis and between two sessions. The results indicated a more serious ascorbic acid deficiency of patients than in previous studies. This difference might be explained by the highly specific enzymatic method applied in the(More)