Dimitrios Kourouklis

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A set of catalysts for aminoacyl-tRNA synthesis is an essential component for translation. The RNA world hypothesis postulates that RNA catalysts could have played this role. Here we show an in vitro evolved precursor tRNA consisting of two domains, a catalytic 5'-leader sequence and an aminoacyl-acceptor tRNA. The 5'-leader sequence domain selectively(More)
Here we describe a novel technology that allows users to charge nonnatural amino acids onto any tRNA. This technology is based on a resin-immobilized ribozyme system, called Flexiresin. It enables users to readily and rapidly synthesize misacylated tRNAs with a wide variety of phenylalanine analogs. Since Flexiresin is reusable and little effort is(More)
Here, we report a simple and economical tRNA aminoacylation system based upon a resin-immobilized ribozyme, referred to as Flexiresin. This catalytic system features a broad spectrum of activities toward various phenylalanine (Phe) analogs and suppressor tRNAs. Most importantly, it allows users to perform the tRNA aminoacylation reaction and isolate the(More)
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