Dimitrios Koumoulis

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A 125Te NMR study of bismuth telluride nanoparticles as a function of particle size revealed that the spin-lattice relaxation is enhanced below 33 nm, accompanied by a transition of NMR spectra from the single to the bimodal regime. The satellite peak features a negative Knight shift and higher relaxivity, consistent with core polarization from p-band(More)
Considerable evidence suggests that variations in the properties of topological insulators (TIs) at the nanoscale and at interfaces can strongly affect the physics of topological materials. Therefore, a detailed understanding of surface states and interface coupling is crucial to the search for and applications of new topological phases of matter.(More)
Crystal orbital Hamilton population (COHP) bonding analysis has predicted that ScPd3 B0.5 is the least stable compound of the entire series Sc2 Ir6-x Pdx B. Here, we report a systematic study of Sc2 Ir6-x Pdx B (x=3, 5 and 6) by means of (11) B nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Knight shift (K) and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate (1/T1 ). NMR results(More)
Cd3As2 is a Dirac semimetal that is a 3D analog of graphene. We investigated the local structure and nuclear-spin dynamics in Cd3As2 via 113Cd NMR. The wideline spectrum of the static sample at 295 K is asymmetric and its features are well described by a two-site model with the shielding parameters extracted via Herzfeld-Berger analysis of the magic-angle(More)
Charge ordering phenomena in overdoped La1-xCaxMnO3 (LCMO) manganites with x>or=0.5 are generally believed to be associated with the formation of charge stripes composed of alternating Mn3+ and Mn4+ charges. However, a number of recent experiments indicate that instead of stripes the charge in these systems is spatially organized in a uniform charge density(More)
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