Dimitrios Kalyvas

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We present procedures that exploit mobility prediction and prefetching to enhance offoading of trafic from mobile networks to WiFi hotspots, for both delay tolerant and delay sensitive trafic. We evaluate the procedures in terms of the percentage of offoaded trafic, the data transfer delay, and the cache size used for prefetching. The evaluation considers(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken in 2001 in order to investigate the dental health status of 5-year-olds in an urban community within Attica County in Greece and the views of the carers of this age group. METHODS Three hundred and forty-five nursery children were examined, using the WHO methods and criteria. Parents' views were recorded in a(More)
We present a system that selects the optimal route between two points for vehicles moving in an urban environment. Our approach uses location data gathered from smartphones, which includes route segments and their corresponding travel time. The system can be used as a standalone application with a user interface for path visualization. Additionally, route(More)
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