Dimitrios K Niarchos

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IL-21 plays a role in the proliferation and maturation of NK cells developed from hematopoietic stem cells. In this study, we found that IL-21, in the presence of physiological concentration of hydrocortisone (HC), has a significant impact on the functions of NK cells derived from umbilical cord blood (CB) populations. We demonstrate that IL-21, in(More)
Natural killer (NK) cell differentiation from pluripotent CD34(+) human hematopoietic stem cells or oligopotent lymphoid progenitors has already been reported. In the present study, long-term cultures of the CD56(-)/CD34(-) myeloid-like adherent cell fraction (ACF) from umbilical cord blood (UCB), characterized by the expression of CD14(+) as well as other(More)
A highly cationic peptide (BagP), located within the normally expressed human protein Bag-1, was tested for its capacity to act as a cell penetrating peptide. BagP was found to translocate and transport high molecular weight cargos in several cell types, in varying degrees with a preference for adherent cells. The penetration phenomenon was not found to be(More)
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