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A welding head is under development with integrated sensory systems for robotic laser welding applications. Robotic laser welding requires sensory systems that are capable to accurately guide the welding head over a seam in three-dimensional space and provide information about the welding process as well as the quality of the welding result. In this paper(More)
Brain cortex slices from diabetic rats incubated in Krebs-Ringer-bicarbonate (KRB)--glucose medium show, compared to the normals, a 75% higher glutamine content. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) added, at 0.5mM each, to this medium increase (53%) the glutamine content in the normal slices but have no effect on the glutamine content in the slices from(More)
Helicopter aviation is a difficult task that requires simultaneous manipulation of several controls in order to achieve a desired movement. Development of knowledge and skills are required for a person to be able to safely and efficiently navigate a helicopter. Therefore, the question was raised on whether there is a possibility to develop a robust agent(More)
Glucose is the major fuel of the adult brain under normal conditions. The most abundant free amino acids of the brain are: Glutamate, taurine N-acetylaspartate, glutamine, aspartate and 4-aminobutyrate. Deprivation of glucose from the incubation medium of brain cortex slices decreases mainly glutamate and glutamine content. Substitution of pyruvate for(More)
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