Dimitrios Gkouskos

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Introduction During the last decades digital artifacts have changed our ways of living and interacting with products. Computers and smartphones support numerous frequent activities, and are now an inherent part of everyday life. Similarly, the technology in cars is now taking over certain aspects of driving for increased safety, efficiency, and enjoyment(More)
Recent developments in the car industry have put Human Machine Interfaces under the spotlight. Developing gratifying human-car interactions has become one of the more prominent areas that car manufacturers want to invest in. However, concepts like emotional design remain foreign to the industry. In this study 12 experts on the field of automobile HMI design(More)
This paper examines the development and the end-user experience of a digital driver information module, with the aim to research the adoption of user experience practice in a large industry organization and the influence of the practice on the end-user experience. Eight developers from the automotive company were interviewed, as well as eight end-users. The(More)
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