Dimitrios Deligeorgis

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Ring chromosome formation can occur without deletion, through the abnormal pairing of the palindromic DNA base sequences thought to make up the telomeres. The normal occurrence of sister chromatid exchanges within a ring constantly produces further chromosomal anomalies that are less likely to survive when the chromosome involved is large and/or its(More)
Deligeorgis, D., Yannakos, D., Panayotou, P., and Doxiadis, S. (1970). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 45, 702. The normal borders of the liver in infancy and childhood. Clinical and x-ray study. In 365 healthy infants and children the normal range of the liver borders was defined by clinical and x-ray examination. It was found that in supine position and(More)
Deligeorgis, D., Yannakos, D., and Doxiadis, S. (1973). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 48, 790. Normal size ofliver in infancy and childhood: x-ray study. The longest vertical distance between the upper and lower borders of the liver measured radiologically is suggested for estimating the size of the liver. This parameter, called vertical axis of the(More)
The aim of this cross disciplinary study was to identify the most significant variables related to childhood accidental poisoning. The study was carried out on a representative sample of families living in the Greater Athens Area comprising 1245 children aged up to 5 years. Data were collected by a team of researchers (paediatricians, psychologists and(More)
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