Dimitrios Dakopoulos

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There is a recent thesis in the literature that an important organization of a physical system precedes a catastrophic event. In this context, one can search for signatures that imply the transition from a normal state to a main catastrophic event (e.g., earthquake). Experimental techniques are thus useful in corroborating theories from observed data. For(More)
This paper presents the multimodal interaction scheme (visual and audio) used by the Tyflos prototype. Tyflos is a wearable prototype that provides reading and navigating assistance for visually impaired users. In particular, the Tyflos prototype integrates a wireless portable computer, cameras, range and GPS sensors, microphones, natural language(More)
This paper presents several important issues related with the preservation and analysis of important image information needed by a visually impaired individual for safe navigation in an indoor environment. The image information is provided to a visually impaired individual, via a 2D Vibration Array (VA), which is part of the Tyflos navigation system and is(More)
In this paper we present research work towards a 2D tactile vocabulary for training visually impaired for their independent mobility. The vocabulary is associated to a 2D tactile array (vibration array), which is a part of a wearable navigation prototype (Electronic Travel Aid) called Tyflos. The vibration array is currently consisting of 16 vibrating(More)
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