Dimitrios C. Papaventsis

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Of 237 children with acute gastroenteritis in Antananarivo, Madagascar, during May 2004-May 2005, 14 ( 6%) were infected with norovirus. Seasonality (November-December peak) was detected. Reverse transcription-PCR identified GII as the most common genogroup. GIs belonged to GI.1, GI.3, and GI.4. Noroviruses in Madagascar show extensive genetic diversity.
We report data regarding the molecular epidemiology of human astrovirus (HAstV) infections among children in Madagascar. In a 13-month study, 5 HAstV isolates were detected in fecal samples from 237 children (2.1%) by reverse transcription-PCR. Phylogenetic analysis showed the cocirculation of usual and unusual HAstVs.
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