Dimitri Sakharov

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Human growth hormone (GH) has several central metabolic functions including bone growth in childhood, and its anabolic and lipolytic effects in particular are assumed reasons for the abuse of GH by athletes. Human endogenous GH consists of a main 22 kDa variant and several isoforms. In contrast, recombinant GH consists of only one variant being identical to(More)
Changes in EEG coherence were studied in subjects without special musical education when they were listening to low classic music (below 30 dB). The numbers of significant changes in coherence function in the left and right hemispheres were different. Predominant increase in coherence in the alpha 2, beta 1, and beta 2 frequency ranges was observed in the(More)
The efficiency of recognition of masked visual images (Arabic numerals) under conditions of listening to classical (intensity 62 dB) or rock music (25 dB) increased. Coherence of potential in the frontal cortical region characteristic of the masked image recognition increased under conditions of listening to music. The changes in intercenter EEG relations(More)
Accompaniment of a decision of mathematical logical tasks by music (different style and power) influenced on the time of the decision. Classical music 35 and 65 dB and roc-music 65 and 85 dB decreased the time of the decision. More powerful classical music (85 dB) did not effect like that. The decision without the musical accompaniment led to increasing of(More)
Accompaniment of the solution of mathematical logical problems with classical music at levels of 35 and 65 dB led to decreases in problem solution times. Louder music (85 dB) had no significant influence on the problem solution process. Solution of mathematical logical problems without musical accompaniment led to increases in the coherence of potentials in(More)