Dimitri Pertin

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Distributed storage systems take advantage of the network, storage and computational resources to provide a scalable infrastructure. But in such large system, failures are frequent and expected. Data replication is the common technique to provide fault-tolerance but suffers from its important storage consumption. Erasure coding is an alternative that offers(More)
Packet erasure codes are today a real alternative to replication in fault tolerant distributed storage systems. In this paper, we propose the Mojette erasure code based on the Mojette transform, a formerly tomographic tool. The performance of coding and decoding are compared to the Reed-Solomon code implementations of the two open-source reference libraries(More)
This master’s thesis investigates the possibilities of quality assessment of sharpened images. Reliable assessment of these images is crucial for comparing the performance of particular sharpening techniques and also for finding the optimal amount of sharpening. In the thesis, fundamentals of edge detection, sharpness perception, and sharpening algorithms(More)
By massively adopting OpenStack for operating small to large private and public clouds, the industry has made it one of the largest running software project, overgrowing the Linux kernel. However, with success comes increased complexity, facing technical and scientific challenges, developers are in great difficulty when testing the impact of individual(More)
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