Dimitri Peaucelle

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Stability of time delay systems is investigated considering the delay-dependent case. The system without delays is assumed stable and conservative conditions are derived for finding the maximal delay that preserves stability. The problem is treated in the quadratic separation framework and the resulting criteria are formulated as feasibility problems of(More)
This report describes a user-friendly MATLAB package for defining Linear Matrix Constraints (LMCs). It acts as an interface for the Self-Dual-Minimisation package (SEDUMI) developed by Jos F. Sturm. The functionalities of SEDUMI INTERFACE are the following: Declare an LMC problem. Five MATLAB functions allow to define completely an LMC problem which can be(More)
Recently several new LMI conditions for stability of linear systems have been proposed, introducing additional slack variables to reduce the gap between conservative convex quadratic stability conditions and intractable non-convex robust stability conditions. In this paper we show that these improved LMI conditions can be derived with the help of some basic(More)
The stability region in the space of coeecients of a polynomial is a non-convex region in general. In this paper, we propose a new convex ellipsoidal inner approximation of this region derived via optimization over linear matrix inequalities. As a byproduct, we obtain new simple suucient conditions for stability that may prove useful in robust control(More)
In this paper, we focus on the L1 gain analysis of linear time-invariant continuous-time positive systems. A positive system is characterized by the strong property that its output is always nonnegative for any nonnegative input. Because of this peculiar property, it is natural to evaluate the size of positive systems by the L1 gain (i.e. the L1 induced(More)
A particular class of uncertain linear discrete-time periodic systems is considered. The problem of robust stabilization of real polytopic linear discrete-time periodic systems via a periodic state-feedback law is tackled here. Using additional slack variables and the periodic Lyapunov lemma, an extended sufficient condition of robust stabilization is(More)
Topological separation is investigated in the case of an uncertain time-invariant matrix interconnected with an implicit linear transformation. A quadratic separator independent of the uncertainty is shown to prove losslessly the closed-loop well-posedness. Several applications for descriptor systems are then given. First, some known results for stability(More)
For a linear system affected by real parametric uncertainty, this paper focuses on robust stability analysis via quadratic-in-the-state Lyapunov functions polynomially dependent on the parameters. The contribution is twofold. First, if n denotes the system order and m the number of parameters, it is shown that it is enough to seek a parameterdependent(More)