Dimitri Konstantas

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Object Oriented Interoperability is an extension and generalization of the Procedure Oriented Interoperability approaches taken in the past. It provides an interoperability support frame by considering the object as the basic interoperation unit. This way interoperation is based on higher level abstractions and it is independent of the specific interface(More)
A piece of Hovering Information is a geo-localized information residing in a highly dynamic environment such as a mobile ad hoc network. This information is attached to a geographical point, called the anchor location, and to its vicinity area, called anchor area. A piece of hovering information is responsible for keeping itself alive, available and(More)
The forthcoming wide availability of high bandwidth public wireless networks will give rise to new mobile health care services. Towards this direction the MobiHealth project has developed and trialed a highly customisable vital signals' monitoring system based on a Body Area Network (BAN) and an m-health service platform utilizing next generation public(More)
The first hour following the trauma is of crucial importance in trauma care. The sooner treatment begins, the better the ultimate outcome for the patient. Generally the initial treatment is handled by paramedical personnel arriving at the site of the accident with an ambulance. There is evidence to show that if the expertise of the on-site paramedic team(More)
BACKGROUND Previous review studies have suggested that computer games can serve as an alternative or additional form of treatment in several areas (schizophrenia, asthma or motor rehabilitation). Although several naturalistic studies have been conducted showing the usefulness of serious video games in the treatment of some abnormal behaviours, there is a(More)
One of the important advantages of the object-oriented design and development methodology is the ability to reuse existing software modules. However the introduction of many programming languages with different syntax, semantics and/or paradigms has created the need for a consistent inter-language interoperability support framework. We present a brief(More)
This paper is a report on a prototype implementation of Hybrid, a strongly-typed, concurrent, object-oriented language. The implementation we describe features a compile-time system for translating Hybrid object type definitions into C, a run-time system for supporting communication, concurrency and object persistence, and a type manager that mediates(More)
MobiHealth aims at introducing new mobile valueadded services in the area of healthcare, based on 2.5 (GPRS) and 3G (UMTS) technologies, thus promoting the use and deployment of GPRS and UMTS. This will be achieved by the integration of sensors and actuators to a Wireless Body Area Network (BAN). These sensors and actuators will continuously measure and(More)